Disinsection is a set of measures aimed at the destruction or reduction in the number of insects that are carriers of infectious diseases. Insect control measures:
1. Sanitary – preventive, the purpose of which is to minimize the number of places suitable for habitation and resettlement of insects, as well as to prevent their entry into the premises (high-quality cleaning, proper storage of food, timely repair work, etc.).

2. Extermination, the purpose of which is the complete destruction of insects in buildings, territories or a steady decrease in their numbers.

For these purposes, the following methods of struggle are used:
  • mechanical (traps of various types, sticky tapes);
  • physical (scalding, freezing, ultraviolet traps);
  • biological (use of viruses, bacteria, fungi, helminths, birds, mammals, etc.);
  • chemical (use of chemicals – insecticides).

CPG specialists will pick up for you the set of measures that are right for your business. We use modern and safe controls of control that meet international standards. So you can be certain in quality and safety with us.

Disinsection 1 Pest control
Disinsection 2 Pest control
Disinsection 3 Pest control
Disinsection 4 Pest control
Disinsection 5 Pest control

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