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CPG Company was formed in 2007 in Lviv. In the beginning, we rendered services only to local households and firms. During the whole time, CPG has held onto the same values as usual. Our business is based on people. All our power is the ability of human touch to create great things daily.
There were 12 colleagues at the beginning of our business. In a few years, we rose as one of the leaders in this business and numbered one hundred employees.
Our employees are responsible, competent, and independent specialists who are proud of their job and are always ready to help you.
Our success comes from adjusting our solutions to your necessities, how we manage risks, and how our big team adds the power of human touch to everything we do.
In 2020 CPG is oriented to be innovative and has launched an absolutely new for our market FM-program product on the base of Microsoft Dynamic to make the communication with our clients and partners impeccable, as well for better work of our team. Everyone can contact our team, send photos, communicate and leave a reference, etc. via the new CPG mobile application.
CPG is targeted to uncover the great power of human by using innovative possibilities. This combination inspires us to make the world better and to make it cleaner every minute.

Principles of our work


The honesty and open relationships are based on the loyalty that is being spread by Cleaning Pro among our clients and owners.

Business entirety

We are not tolerant of practices that do not give rise to honesty, entirety, and fairness everywhere in this country where we do business. We are open in communications with our clients, suppliers, and employees and exclude the conditions for corruption and unfair competition.

Respect for the people

Humanity is the heart of our organization. Cleaning Pro in its activity gives everyone equal abilities without considering race, place of origin, age, gender, opinions, religion, and life choice.


This is one of the main principles and the basis for every side interested in: clients, consumers, employees, owners, or public.

Our history

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Start of the cleaning business

Work exclusively with private clients, cleaning apartments, houses.

About us 5

Start of the cleaning business

Refusal of private orders and the whole focus is exclusively on the commercial sector. The first deals with supermarkets, offices.

About us 7

The opening of a Kyiv office

The first big clients in Kyiv: DARYNOK shopping mall, Fortuna Bank and others.

About us 9


Our company is a member of the ISSA WORLD association

About us 11

Involvement of TIM EBRD consultants and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine

Consultants from the USA (Mr. Peter Jons), Canada (Mr. Bill Garland), Great Britain (Mr. Brian Ballingal) and the Netherlands (Mr. Cornelius Mijdendorp) have been teaching management for 1.5 years.

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Euro 2012

The company took over the Danylo Halytskyi Lviv Airport, as well as post-construction cleaning of the Lviv Stadium and inter-match cleaning. Up to 200 employees were involved at the same time.

About us 15

Facility service

The company has become a company providing a full range of facility management services (except catering): cleaning, security, maintenance, supply, minor repairs, etc.

About us 17


Updated our logo

About us 19


Eurovision servicing in Kyiv.

About us 21

Expansion of activities

We added maintenance as a service for the whole of Ukraine and were involved in Vodafone customers to service all stores and offices.

About us 23


The process of combining all the group companies into one brand The Cleaning Pro Group – CPG

About us 25

Company of the Year 2019

Cleaning Pro Company – “Company of the Year 2019”

The Cleaning Pro Group – is a group of companies founded in 2007 in Lviv.
During 13 years the Company had been spread along with the country and became
one of the leaders of Ukrainian market.

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