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Most of us like to be in comfortable conditions, which we enjoy and where we want to come again and again. A clean and attractive environment not only makes every day better, but also sets you up for more productive work, increases your sales and guarantees your positive image. The Cleaning Pro Group offers service and innovative solutions based on more than 13 years of cleaning experience and based on the latest trends in the industry. What makes us special is our constant pursuit of perfection.

Over the years, we have gained knowledge, experience and developed processes to improve every aspect of the industry. The CPG group of companies is constantly focused on employee training, improvement and systematization of technological processes to perform cleaning at the highest level.

We serve commercial real estate:

  • malls
  • business centers
  • offices
  • stores
  • factories, plants, industrial enterprises
  • state institutions
  • cultural and sports institutions
  • banks and financial organizations
  • medical institutions and pharmacies

Today you can order:

  • daily or general cleaning of premises and adjacent territory;
  • services for washing facades and shop windows at height, disinfection, deratization, disinsection, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and queen, etc.

CPG has all the necessary equipment and inventory for professional cleaning.

All our employees are provided with overalls of the established sample.

We react promptly if necessary to provide an urgent cleaning services,
An operations staff and a hotline work 24/7.

Do you need quality, service work done on time, great mood?

Contact us, we will be glad to be useful to you!

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