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The main type of activity of any enterprise irrespectively of the form of ownership always faces with line of support functions, operations and processes. Implementation of the most these tasks is possible to provide through facility management.

Director of educational institution is responsible for the level of employees’ qualification, realization of educational programmes according to educational plan and its schedule, quality of graduators education, life and health, abiding of rights and liberties of educates and employees during educational process in order established in legislation of Ukraine. But if the most important and basic function of an educational institution is to provide quality knowledge, which is given maximum attention, then secondary issues sometimes remain open.

Facility management for educational institutions lets to release such important resource as the time and to close the following issues connected with supporting tasks as: maintenance and monitoring of the electricity, water and heating nets, timely minor repair, cleaning of the whole complex (surrounding area, entrance group, lecture halls, cabinets, subsidiary rooms, the main attention is paid to cooking zone and kitchen), arrangement of disinfection and pest control, implementation of works at heights (washing of fronts, windows and roofs), general cleaning before the beginning of academic year and feasts, quarterly and daily cleaning and other. This is a volume piece of work which more convenient and profitably to delegate to the professional service company and to have possibility to control work through contacting with one responsible manager.

The advantages of cooperation with CPG for directors of the educational institutions are:

1. Perfect cleanliness of all zones of real estate object;

2. Specialized and qualified support in solution of urgent and daily tasks;

3. Full-time support and monitoring of all engineering systems, tracking and timely remove of troubleshooting;

4. CPG Company proposes more than competitive prices. We provide your organization with feeling safety, trust, cosiness and cleanliness.

Undoubtedly, you will be satisfied with our services. We suggest you do not delay and contact our managers now to get acquainted and study all the details of cooperation.

Each project is unique for us, we do not chase value, we offer quality!

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    We work across all territory of Ukraine

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    We offer comprehensive real estate services

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    Highly qualified staff

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    Many years of experience and quality of premium services

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    Prompt response to customer requirements and the departure of specialized teams to the facility 24/7; Call center works 24 hours a day

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    Quality control

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    An individual approach to each client

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    Prompt feedback

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    Mobile SPG application to ensure comfortable and transparent cooperation and create simple and short service processes

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    Use of proven tools, consumables, equipment and tools to maintain the best level of service

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    We have all the necessary licenses and permits

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    We speak English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian

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