Pest control

CPG offers modern solutions for deratization, disinfestation and disinfection of any commercial real estate.
Our company provides comprehensive fighting services with dangerous rodents and insects. In our work, we use different methods and chemicals that have already proven their effectiveness.
In addition, if necessary, we can disinfect the premises, including fogging services, disinfecting spraying and washing surfaces with special solutions.

We serve commercial real estate:

  • shopping centers
  • business center
  • offices
  • shops
  • factories, industrial enterprises
  • state institutions
  • cultural institutions, sports
  • banks and financial organizations
  • medical institutions and pharmacies

Why should we choose us?
A guaranteed result. Our specialists not only destroy rats or mice and insects, but also take preventive measures that will eliminate the causes of their occurrence;
– we use safe chemicals absolutely harmless to the human body and for pets;
– affordable cost.

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