Deratization is a set of measures and procedures aimed at combating the spread of rodents. The need for such work arose due to the epidemiological danger, represented by rodents. Deratization is carried out in the form of preventive measures and extermination by various methods.

The main types of deratization are:

– prophylactic;
– extermination.

The purpose of preventive derat control is to prevent the spread of room for all types of rodents. Procedures will include preventing pests from entering and accessing food, as well as other items that they can harm. Deratization is a set of procedures, the purpose of which is to control for the number of rodents and their timely qualitative elimination. This type of work on deratting is very time consuming and requires special skills. Places are being searched habitats of rodents, as well as the control of their population and movements. This is necessary for a one-time and complete extermination of pests.

Deratization 1 Pest control
Deratization 2 Pest control

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