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High competition in the field of product retail forces owners of business of this segment usually to search for new ways of cost optimization, to keep a leader positions in this field and high incomes. The field of grocery retail is connected with many risks including reduction of consumer purchasing power. Retailers are increasingly asking how, in the conditions described above, to increase the average check, attract more customers and keep it.

The team of the CPG Company is confident that the attractiveness and success of trade point depends on well organized activity on maintenance of non-stop functioning of the enterprise infrastructure. We have worked out a special package of services for owners in the field of grocery retail that foresees full and part-time maintenance:

1. Facility management -– the full maintenance of enterprise. The support and improvement of technical nets of premises (heating systems, conditioning and ventilation, lighting, water supply) and minor repair. Also the services that provide with comfortable and safety conditions of presence; provide with improvement and optimization of the processes inside object. Here are included cleaning services, security, outstaffing and other different services.

2. Security service organizing. Security of trade nets is the full complex of arrangements that spans physical security of object, staff access control, installation of video control system, alarm. The security of exits and entrances of building, salesrooms, warehouses, parking and surround area is more actual for supermarkets and giants in the field of product retail.

3. Technical maintenance and minor repair. The specialists of the CPG Company implement systematic monitoring of all the engineering systems, control and immediately fix failures and implement minor repair in time.

4. Cleaning. Supermarket cleaning involves various types of cleaning from daily wet, dry and general cleaning to cleaning of the surrounding area, deratization, disinfection and disinsection. Upon client’s necessity the special team of masters and cleaners is immobilized for woks at height.

The specialists of the CPG Company work as solid organ that reacts timely and quickly removes problems. Ordering the whole complex of services you purchase own time for resolving more important issues of strategy planning.

CPG Company helps entrepreneurs to optimize spends, bears responsibility for an important part of works concerning non-stop functioning of the whole infrastructure of the commercial building.

Leave your order now on the website or call us using the numbers provided and our managers will offer consultation, provide with full information on all nuances and possibilities, will propose the most optimal resolution directly under your necessities.

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