Electrical laboratory from CPG

Our specialists of electrical laboratory quickly and efficiently perform the entire range of electrical work with voltages up to 10 kV.

  • testing, tracing,localization of faults of 0.4-10 kV cable lines
  • testing of power transformers
  • testing of high-voltage switches
  • comprehensive testing of transformer substation equipment
  • transformer oil test
  • testing and adjustment of relay protection
  • measurement of insulation resistance by high voltage
  • measurement of grounding resistance (current leakage resistance)
  • measurement of transient resistances (metal communication)
  • measurement of the impedance of the loop “phase-zero”
  • testing and preparation of lightning protection passport and grounding circuit
  • testing of the AVR system
  • measurement of reactive power compensation installation
  • testing of personal protective equipment and power tools
  • diagnostics and testing of 0.4 kV switching and protection devices

Order the services of our electrical laboratory and be sure of the safety and reliability of your equipment!

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