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Arrangement of events in Ukraine is a very serious business which needs preliminary preparations: to form a budget and adhere to it, think through the main details, invite guests and entertainers, agree on quality technical support, prepare advertising and printing products and much more. In addition to it is very important that guests unsurpassed impression of the event.

Notwithstanding the type of event you are planning (arrangement of a corporate party, teambuilding, educational events (trainings, seminars, workshops, master-classes), exhibitions, fashion shows, image and entertainment events, conferences, international events (Eurovision, Football Championships etc.)) it is necessary to think over how to create a comfort for all members of the project.

If organizational issues of the event itself may be delegated to event-company then the secondary functions of providing comfort, cleanliness and technical maintenance can be delegated to a contractor specializes in these nuances.

CPG Company has many years of experience in maintenance of events of different format and knows the needs of every object. Individual approach to every client guarantees that your event will be held at the highest level and you and guests of yours will be satisfied with the results of cooperation.

We propose system solutions regarding cleaning and care of premises and territory during great public events. We have a great experience in cleaning up the following events as Euro 2012 (Lviv), Eurovision 2016 (Kyiv), concerts, festivals, sport competitions and European championships etc.

The specialists of CPG Company have worked out a basic set of works that will be useful for you upon preparing and during the host of event:

1. Technical maintenance.

First of all we will implement monitoring of all technical systems in case your event is going to be in a building. Upon necessity we will implement works on minor repairs. If the event is planned outdoors and requires techniques we will take care of delivery, installation and will control work of self sustaining generating system.

2. Organizing of security system.

As a rule, large-scale events require a well-thought-out system of protection and safe stay of all participants and guests of the event. To do this, we offer physical security of the object: control of entrances / exits, parking, adjacent territory. We can also organize a video surveillance system that will improve control over the “blind” areas of the territory.

3. Cleaning services.

During preparation for the event special attention should be paid to cleaning. General cleaning just ahead of event includes the following: wet and dry cleaning of premises, sanitary treatment of toilet facilities, implementation of disinfection upon necessity, suppression of odour, cleaning and whip into shape surround area. During event considering its format we organize wet/dry cleaning, changing of garbage packs, garbage disposal etc. After event we implement general cleaning of overall premise and surround area. You will be satisfied with the work of our specialists and your guests will enjoy cleanliness, comfort and will be involved into event.

4. Consumable materials supply.

We will take care of that your guests have all the necessary things during the event starting from soaps, paper glasses, towels, paper tissues and till the food sets and stationery.

Of course every project is special one and it is necessary to work with every client on the individual basis, because of everything depends on many factors as scope of the event, number of guests and artists, area, special necessities and many other things. Our specialists are always pleased and ready to work over conception of a new project and propose more gain conditions for their clients. Contact CPG Company and your event will be an unrivalled event.

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