Cultural institutions

The main function of cultural institutions is aimed at improving the conditions for the development of culture, the organization of quality recreation for all ages. Each property requires a special and individual approach. For cultural institutions, the main values are the ratio of quality and price of services provided and economic efficiency. Based on the understanding of the basic needs of the institution, we have created an offer that meets all the requirements of our customers:

1. Monitoring and technical maintenance of all engineering nets, urgent emergency-renovation works, substitute of consumable materials and parts, cooperation with utility providers.

2. Maintenance of vital systems: electricity supply and lightening, water supply and drainage, ventilation and conditioning, heating systems.

3. Organizing of security system: installation of alarm and video-monitoring system, physical security of object: entrance group, surrounding area and control of access.

4. Cleaning services – daily cleaning of premises, dinning zones, surround area, general cleaning, works at heights (washing of windows, fronts, roofs and advertisement equipment).

5. Greening of internal and external part of complex, with further care of plants.

6. Consumable materials supply

Choosing cooperation with us you will receive following advantages:

  • Saving money, optimizing resources and business processes during the operation of the building.
  • Providing comfortable conditions inside of building, both for employees and for visitors.
  • Prevention of emergencies and extraordinary situations.

It is not always convenient and cost-effective to keep a staff of narrow specialists to ensure the smooth operation of the institution’s infrastructure. Working with servicing CPG Company you will not only save money and valuable time, but also will get a required quality result!

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    We work across all territory of Ukraine

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    Many years of experience and quality of premium services

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    Prompt response to customer requirements and the departure of specialized teams to the facility 24/7; Call center works 24 hours a day

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    Quality control

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    An individual approach to each client

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    Prompt feedback

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    Mobile SPG application to ensure comfortable and transparent cooperation and create simple and short service processes

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    Use of proven tools, consumables, equipment and tools to maintain the best level of service

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    We have all the necessary licenses and permits

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    We speak English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian

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