Logistics complexes and warehouses

Logistic complexes let to streamline business processes of lessors-partners from various spheres and relieve them of necessity of searching and exploitation of own premises, to control goods, to worry about audit and security. However the owner of logistic complex faces a number of important issues:

  • Rendering of quality services is solved through selection of professional staff;
  • ⦁ Reliability is based on the storage of partner’s property in optimal conditions for different types of freights;
  • ⦁ Provision of special storage conditions (holding of temperature scenario, wet level, object’s security in whole and security of the part of freight are resolved through support of engineering system in working status);
  • ⦁ Maintenance of cleanliness of the object, protection against corrosion and a mold, carrying out regular disinsection and disinfection is realized by means of connection of special services

These are just a few of the tasks that falls on the shoulders of the leader who aims not only to conquer the market, but to move toward in step with the times. To manage and maintain a complex in proper condition require enormous costs:

  • keeping a staff of competent employees who maintains internal engineering utility lines;
  • hire temporary crews or recruit a team of cleaners;
  • purchasing of technique or special equipment to organize cleaning on great area by enterprise efforts;
  • and many more.

However there is another more contemporary approach to steady, quality and cost-efficient managing of building exploitation is to order facility management through outsourcing.

Cooperation with CPG management company – the professional team of high level specialists will bring you the full control over enterprise:

  • We will arrange the quality security system. Object physical security: entrances, exits (including access to object), surround area, private zone. We will customize video observation system.
  • We will implement the monitoring of all engineering systems and form the schedule fault controlling. In case of detection of such we will provide with prompt and quality failure troubleshooting.
  • We will implement daily and general cleaning of premises and surrounding area using ecological means, contemporary technique and special professional equipment.
  • We will form the schedule the sanitary treatment of zones requiring attention.
  • 5. We will support necessary conditions for variety kind and type of freights.

Thanks to cooperation with CPG Company you will be satisfied with a result, save time and resources and your clients will receive cleanliness, comfort and security.

Contact us in any convenient way for you and our managers will form for you an individual package of necessary services, will answer all questions and clarify the details of cooperation.

Facility management from CPG is comfortable conditions of cooperation, high level service, experienced team of professionals, system approach based on advanced technologies.

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