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Research shows that for the first 30 seconds after entering the premises, a new customer forms an immediate impression of your business. Friendly reception of customers in a well-groomed, clean and tidy room can increase the chances of long-term cooperation and increased productivity.

Investing in cleaning and commissioning services for the entire infrastructure of the building will help you not only to improve the space and create a favorable climate for employees, but also to improve relationships with your customers.

. CPG specializes in providing comprehensive services and project work to support the proper functioning of your business infrastructure. . We’ve highlighted the benefits of CPG for you:

– Budget savings. The costs of finding and maintaining staff and providing all social guarantees (creation of a medical certificate, vocations, etc.) per year will range from 6% to 17% of the total costs of the enterprise. Providing all the necessary materials, equipment and jobs requires an average of 4% -8% of additional costs per year. By hiring a service company, you will save up to 30%.

Increasing of investing attractiveness. Bank’s status depends on many factors, but psychologists have proved that exactly from first impression, comfort at acquainting and cosiness depends on a decision which will be adopted by a client. If attractive conditions are created, the premise shines with beauty and cleanliness, repaired light around and all defects are fixed in time than client wants to return.

– Delegating of responsibilities. . CPG Company assumes all responsibilities for maintaining the infrastructure of your business. All issues will be closed upon your first call, easy and without spending of valuable time, nerves and troubles with staff.

– Quality, warranties, reliability. – Quality, guarantees, reliability. CPG guarantees and fixes in the agreement the obligatory fulfillment of obligations regarding the terms and scope of work.

– High qualified staff. In the staff of CPG employees more than 600 qualified employees. Our teams have experience and understand all the nuances of maintaining the bank’s infrastructure, constantly improve their skills, use in their work only checked ecological materials and are able to manage different technical means.

– Individual approach to every client. Important for CPG is rendering of services which are necessary exactly for your bank. Our managers are ready to listen to all of your wishes and will propose several variants of solution.

Package of services which we have specially created for bank field can be complex and partly involved:

Facility management for banks is the full set of works to ensure the quality of the entire infrastructure of your bank.

Technical maintenance of building includes monitoring and maintenance of all engineering systems and minor repair.

Organizing of security service.

Cleaning services. bank we can propose: cleaning after construction; general cleaning; daily cleaning; cleaning of surrounding area; washing of fronts and works at heights; sanitary works including antivirus cleaning, disinfection during pandemic. Your premises and territory will shine every day.

Landscaping and floristry services. Our specialists will work with you to make a general plan, which includes a map of vegetation, lighting, planting schedule, will give advice on the care and further maintenance of the green area.

Consumable materials supply. CPG Company will provide you with all necessary consumable materials.

Are our services exactly what you are looking for? Then we will be glad to have a conversation and discuss details over a cup of delicious Lviv coffee. Leave your order on website or apply by number +38 050 430 10 10

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    12 key benefits of CPG:

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    We work across all territory of Ukraine

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    We offer comprehensive real estate services

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    Highly qualified staff

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    Many years of experience and quality of premium services

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    Prompt response to customer requirements and the departure of specialized teams to the facility 24/7; Call center works 24 hours a day

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    Quality control

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    An individual approach to each client

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    Prompt feedback

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    Mobile SPG application to ensure comfortable and transparent cooperation and create simple and short service processes

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    Use of proven tools, consumables, equipment and tools to maintain the best level of service

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    We have all the necessary licenses and permits

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    We speak English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian

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