One of the main parts of facility management is technical facility management.

Taking into account the global conditions for real estate services, we are convinced that our ability to provide most of the services we offer by our own people is crucial to quality and efficiency. We do not rely on the third-party subcontractors, because we are not sure that they can perform work at a high level. By managing its own staff, CPG has a much better ability to control, manage and lead every part of the services provided.

The list of our services includes:

  • Preventive and scheduled maintenance of technical equipment and engineering systems of buildings and structures;
  • Emergency works 24/7;
  • Administration of utility contracts (water supply, electricity, etc.);
  • Non-capital and minor repairs;
  • Overhauls.
  • Maintenance of power grids;
  • Maintenance of water supply and drainage systems;
  • Installation of heating, water supply and sewerage systems;
  • Maintenance of heating networks;
  • Maintenance of gas equipment;
  • Installation and maintenance of ventilation systems and air conditioners;
  • Installation and maintenance of fire safety systems;
  • Installation and maintenance of CDs, video surveillance;
  • Maintenance and repair of sectional automatic doors;
  • Repair and construction works;
  • Carrying out welding works;
  • Dispatching;
  • General construction and finishing works;
  • Installation of washbasins, bidets, toilets, showers;
  • Painting walls, ceilings, wallpapering;
  • Replacement or installation of furniture fittings;
  • Laying of floor coverings;
  • Facade works;
  • Roofing works;
  • Dismantling and more.

Thanks to cooperation with CPG you will be satisfied with the result, save time and resources.

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