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To arrange full and non-stop functioning of medical institution infrastructure the ideal variant is to delegate a part of specific and nonmedical functions to a competent contractor – servicing company.

Our company understands what nuances the management of a medical institution faces and what tasks need to be closed, providing excellent result, saving the budget and resources. CPG has developed an approximate range of services for medical institutions, which includes:

1. Technical maintenance of system engineering nets of building

2. Cleaning of premises:

  • complex cleaning inside premises;
  • general cleaning of the whole complex;
  • disinfection, sanitary treatment;
  • windows cleaning, fronts and advertisement signs.

In the medical industry a proper cleaning is the important part of your business success. This not only allows to present welcome atmosphere to your patients, but also provides preventative measures for not spreading of possible infections.
In cleaning we use only specially chosen and authorized for usage cleansers in medical institutions.

3. Territory cleaning:

  • complex cleaning of surrounding area;
  • garbage collection and disposal;
  • snow disposal and ice cutting;
  • lawn and green space watering.

4. Organizing of security system:

  • physical security of object;
  • installation of video monitoring system

5. Additional services:

  • landscaping and floristics;
  • chemical cleaning;
  • pest control;
  • implementation of minor repair works;
  • consumable materials supply;
  • out staffing.

Our team of professionals works individually with every medical institution and chooses that complex of services which is necessary to resolve first-priority tasks and creates a schedule of periodical works.
Contact us for additional information at any convenient way for you. We will be glad of cooperation and effective work.

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    Mobile SPG application to ensure comfortable and transparent cooperation and create simple and short service processes

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    Use of proven tools, consumables, equipment and tools to maintain the best level of service

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    We have all the necessary licenses and permits

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