Complex maintenance of the shopping and entertainment centres

Thanks to many years’ experience based on the relations with the owners of SEC we understand that all premises inside and outside shopping centre must have a perfect look. There is a high level of competition in this field of business on the one side and the inflated expectations of the customers, on another side, for these reasons the process of real estate administration is fully integrated with sales strategy.

CPG Company is the leader in the facility management market in Ukraine and proposes advanced solutions in buildings maintenance management which provide with comfort, cleanness, security and also will increase the object’s attractiveness for involving of numerous clients.

Such a complex structures as Shopping centres where acting different stores, food courts, entertainment venues, rest zones, are depend on quality management and provision with all the necessary materials, technical means, qualified staff etc.

In front of business owner arises a question to use own resources for provision of full functioning of the complex or to appeal to an outsourcing company for these issues solution. . At present, the delegation of management and operation of shopping malls to professionals is becoming increasingly attractive. The facility management on outsourcing basis will let to optimize resources through the cooperation with the one contractor who has the full staff of necessary employees, has tools and equipment, as well as a great experience and knowledge in the field of building’s maintenance management.

More than for 13 years of successful work the CPG Company has improved the spectrum of services, accumulated experience and knowledge for more efficient cooperation. Depending on the clients’ necessities we propose both complex approach and closing of local necessities.

Complex servicing supposes the organizing of efficient work of the whole technical staff, timely monitoring the object’s status, implementation of the minor repair, as well as swift response on emergency situation on the object.

The complex of services may be ranged in dependence with your urgent necessity

We propose you to acquaint with services which will be useful for you:


Клінінг ТРЦ передбачає різні типи прибирання від щоденного вологого, сухого і генерального до прибирання прилеглої території та висотних робіт.

SEC cleaning supposes different types of cleaning starting from daily dry, wet and general cleaning and till the cleaning of surrounding areas and working at heights.
The great attention is paid to the floors, walls, stairs, elevators, windows and window-cases, trade equipment, entrance unites, ceilings and illumination unites in all premises including salesrooms, lobbies, rest zones, food zones, WC facilities, and warehouses, back rooms, parking and surrounding areas. Also we make special cleaning to prevent spreading of COVID-19

Technical maintenance and minor repair.

Professional maintenance of engineering systems of commercial centres not only provides people being inside it with the comfort and security, but gives a possibility to significantly optimize resources.

Technical maintenance includes the following services as preventive and scheduled technical maintenance of the equipment and engineering systems of constructions and buildings, 24/7 emergency works, utility contract administration (water and electricity supply etc.), non- capital and minor repairs, capital repairs.

All you need to do is applyorder and a team of our specialists will do their work in time, as well competently and imperceptibly for your clients.

Landscaping and plant care

The proper care of a surrounding area is a visit car of SEC. Our specialists understand that the surrounding area has to look perfect. Considering this we propose the range of special services for landscaping.


We propose individual projects on planting of commercial premises. During the working process we consider all wishes and budget of customer.

The company employs florists who provide services for landscaping and subsequent professional care of plants.

The care of plants includes watering, changing of soil, cutting, replanting in new containers, satiating with nutritive and fertilizes.


Security of commercial centres is a full complex of arrangements that spans physical security of object, staff access control, installation of video control system, alarm.
Security of exits and entrances of building, salesrooms, warehouses, parking and surrounding area is the most important for SEC.

Consumable materials supply.

We provide SEC with all the necessary consumable materials: cleanses, liquid soap, sanitary paper, paper tissues, paper glasses, water supply etc.

Leave your order now on the website and receive a consultation on all important issues regarding rendering of services. Maintenance of your SEC will be simple and comfortable!

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