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For efficient and productive work of employees in the field of information technology and, accordingly, the development of the company requires comfortable working conditions, cleanliness, order, efficiency of all internal engineering systems and the provision of necessary consumables.

CPG Company during many years of work with IT companies understands the specific of cooperation and key necessities. Our specialists have created a special proposal for directors of this field regarding provision of functioning of all enterprise’s infrastructure considering individual necessities:

1. Security system organizing.

Intellectual property is the main product in the information technology field. In this case it is very important to protect company’s property and its employees as well. For this reasons we propose a physical security of object and all surrounding area, parking and rest zones on object’s territory. Installation of video monitoring systems.

2. Technical maintenance.

Every system has to be served professionally and all the problems have to be fixed as soon as possible.

Technical maintenance includes monitoring, audit and control of all systems include following works:

  • Conditioning and ventilation systems – provision and keep in proper status.
  • Lightening – selection of optimal brightness of light, bulb replacement, additional distribution of light considering space zoning, scheduled maintenance of electric circuits and electric boards.
  • Water supply and drainage – planned inspection of pipes and utility cores, substitute of taps, mixer taps, lays and removal of clog.
  • Heating – set up of system thermal regime, planned inspection of pipes, cleaning of system, preparation to heating season and substitute of system worn-out parts.

3. Cleaning.

We provide different types of cleaning starting from daily wet, dry and general cleaning till cleaning of surrounding area, works at heights including washing of windows, fronts and advertisement signs, rat controls and disinfection. Especial attention is paid to working places, rest zones and dining areas. Upon necessity we implement chemical cleaning of carpeting and soft furniture.

4. Landscaping and floristics.

To create a unique image and pleasant atmosphere in the company building and surrounding area of organization we propose professional services on planting. Our designers will create a project for you that will correspond to necessities, desires and price inquiries. Our services include keeping of green zone in proper status: watering, control of fertilizes, cutting and other.

5. Consumable materials supply.

The company’s employees will be provided with all the necessary things by our company: starting from stationery products, cleansers till food packages (supply with milk, nuts and fruits), houseware and other necessary things.

The team of CPG Company is sure that providing comfortable conditions of work will let your specialists easily do their job in clean and cosy space and employees’ loyalty to company will only increase.

If there are any questions, please, contact us in any convenient way for you and our managers will explain all the details of cooperation and prepare an individual package of services with plans and schedules of works.

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