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Recently the trend toward the creation of massive administrative objects with company’s representative office located in them revs into gear. As a rule these objects are built in prestigious area of the city, they have a developed infrastructure. On the territory of such complex more usually present food zones, showrooms, trade points, parking lots and big enough surrounded area. Maintenance of such business centre is specific and differs from similar works at other objects.

The existence of offices with different activity directions in the one centre creates an ideal business-friendly atmosphere. But the specific of every each several company requires an individual approach in servicing. The owner decides the following: to give lessors a possibility to solve the problem at the direction of the occupation territory or hire a professional team to service the target complex.

In the first case there is a possibility to face the unprofessionalism of single contractors that will influence on general atmosphere of centre and lead to loss of existing lessees.

In the second case the owner controls the quality of works performed in complex.
One contractor is responsible for the use of the entire territory, guaranteeing all existing companies the required level of sanitary safety.

The complex of services of servicing company includes not only cleaning services, but also keeping communication systems in good conditions. Experience, knowledge, availability specialized professional teams of company help the owner to operate the whole complex at optimal mode.

First of all the servicing company analysis businesses centre and finds constructive and identifies design and technical defects to eliminate them or take into account their specifics in future work.

CPG Company specializes on rendering of facility management services and propose not only quality solutions based on thirteen years’ experience of work. Our services are the basis for receiving of maximum advantage from every square meter of your building.

In the complex of CPG’s facility management services for business centres are included following:

1. Cleaning: Cleaning of BC foresees different types of cleaning as: starting from daily wet, dry and general cleaning and till cleaning of surrounding area and working at heights (washing of fronts, windows, roofs and advertisement signs). We also provide a special cleaning to prevent spreading of COVID-19

2. Technical maintenance and minor repair. Professional maintenance of business centre’s engineering systems not only creates comfort and safety for people that being inside the building but also gives a possibility to optimize resources greatly. Technical maintenance includes the following services as:

  • Monitoring and maintenance of all technical nets (electricity supply and lighting, water supply and drainage, ventilation and conditioning, heating systems), emergency renovation works; substitution of consumable materials and parts;
  • 24/7 emergency works;
  • Utility contract administration (water supply, electricity supply etc.);
    You have only to form an order and a team of our specialists will do their job in time and competently, as well as imperceptibly for your clients.

3. Landscaping and plants handling. Proper care of outdoor space, pleasant atmosphere of green areas created in complex, are shaping cosiness and comfort for lessors and their customer. Our specialists understand that surrounding area should look perfect. That is why we offer a row of planting services.

4. Security. Security of business centres is a complex of arrangements that spans physical security of object, control of staff access, installation of video monitoring systems and alarm, organizing of fire protection. The most actual for BC is security of entrances and exits of building, office premises, parking lots and surrounding area.

5. Consumable materials supply
We provide BC with all necessary consumable materials as following: cleanses, liquid soap, sanitary paper, paper tissues, paper glasses, water supply etc.

CPG Company is the professional team that ready to help your business in any time. Get contact with us in any convenient way for you and we will propose you the optimal and unique solutions!

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