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Industry in Ukraine plays an important role in the national economy, is an integral part of the economy and has a decisive influence on the level of development of the productive forces of society. In addition to the main tasks of industrial enterprises, the leaders of the latter face a number of related issues.

For industrial enterprises our company can render the following services of facility management:

  • Cleaning of premises and surrounding area. We have professional equipment and cleansers to arrange cleaning services on enterprise with area from 100 sq. m. till 10000000+ sq. m. ;
  • One-off industrial cleaning. We can implement cleaning of big containers, industrial equipment, fat interceptors and other specialized equipment;
  • Object’s disinfection to prevent spreading of COVID-19;
  • Pest control and rat control;
  • Technical maintenance of engineering nets of the real estate;
  • Administration of utility agreements (supplying of electricity, gas, water etc.);
  • Arrangement of security and objects’ security;
  • Landscaping of territories;
  • Supplying of paper and stationary goods, consumable materials etc.

In industrial enterprises is very important to create a comfortable labour conditions for increasing of employees productivity. The CPG Company thanks to many years’ experience exactly knows how to implement all desires of director of the industrial complex on its exploitation and managing.

We provide our clients with all the necessary and release valuable time for greater challenges!

To receive more detailed information regarding organization of works on your object contuct our specialists in any convenient way for you. We will be pleased to provide cleanness, comfort and security of your enterprise!

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    We work across all territory of Ukraine

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    We offer comprehensive real estate services

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    Highly qualified staff

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    Many years of experience and quality of premium services

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    Prompt response to customer requirements and the departure of specialized teams to the facility 24/7; Call center works 24 hours a day

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    Quality control

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    An individual approach to each client

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    Prompt feedback

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    Mobile SPG application to ensure comfortable and transparent cooperation and create simple and short service processes

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    Use of proven tools, consumables, equipment and tools to maintain the best level of service

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    We have all the necessary licenses and permits

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    We speak English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian

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