Facade and window cleaning services

A simple solution of not an easy task!

How to wash windows, facades, roofs, advertising signs and structures, solar panels at height?

Clean windows let more daylight into the room, which increases mood and productivity. If you do not wash windows and facades for more than one year, the dirt diffuses with the surface and forms persistent dirt. They are harder to wash, and after a while it is impossible. The clean facade has a respectable, attractive appearance, which has a positive effect on the number of customers.

CPG provides exclusive services for washing any surface at a height of up to 17.5 m with “carbon”.

This type of service has a number of advantages:

  • – High quality washing of all types of surfaces (natural marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, artificial stone, wood, concrete, brick, plaster, glass, metal, plastic, tiles) Deionized and distilled water is used, which does not leave stains after drying.
  • – Efficiency, the building with an area of 500m2 will be washed in 4 hours
  • – Cost-effectiveness. Carbon washing services are very economical. The price starts from 10 UAH per m2.
  • – Washing of windows and facades is carried out from the ground. It is suitable for all types of buildings.

6 reasons to order “carbon washing” services:

  • We work across all the territory of Ukraine
  • We offer complex washing of the building
  • Highly qualified staff
  • An individual approach to each client
  • We use proven equipment to maintain the best level of service
  • We have 13 years of experience, as well as all the necessary licenses and permits

Professional and exclusive cleaning services for industrial climbers.

We have been providing unique services to exclusive climber cleaning services more than 13 years. This type of service is used for work at a height of more than 5 meters, including washing windows, facades, signs, shop windows, cleaning roofs and icicles, pruning trees and more.

All our employees have been trained instructed and have the necessary certificates and equipment.

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