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Professional cleaning services from CPG are comfortable conditions of cooperation, a high level of service, an experienced team of professionals, a systematic approach based on advanced technologies.

Thanks to the cooperation with CPG you will be satisfied with the result, save time and resources, and your customers will receive cleanliness and comfort.

We provide cleaning services for domestic production, office, sanitary, office and general use of premises.

We use only professional cleaning equipment, inventory and safe detergents in our work. The main criterion of our work is the quality of services we provide. The Cleaning Pro Group works for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our equipment:

– special machines for washing the outer surfaces of escalators and travelators

– floor washing machines;

– high pressure devices;

– carpet and carpeting cleaners;

– machines for rubbing and washing the floor;

– steam cleaners;

– vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning;

CPG employees have extensive experience in the field of cleaning and are constantly trained to improve their skills and improve their professional knowledge and skills.

Our indoor service:

– washing and cleaning of floors of all types;

– dust removal and cleaning of any carpets;

– wiping and cleaning of interior items, furniture;

– removal of dust from walls and doors;

– removing cobwebs from the ceiling and walls;

– removal of dust from fencing structures (handrails, railings, fences, etc.);

– wiping walls, doors, lamps;

– floor cleaning with cleaning equipment;

– washing of window frames and glass, window sills, mirror surfaces;

– washing stairways;

– service dispensers for hand sanitizers;

– dust removal in hard-to-reach areas;

– wet cleaning of external surfaces of equipment, lifting and transport equipment with a special machine for cleaning escalators and travelators

Our plumbing services:

– collecting garbage and moving it to containers;

– control and provision of toilet paper, air freshener and soap;

– sweeping and wet cleaning;

– washing toilets, sinks, toilet seat covers;

– treatment of toilet brushes and glasses with disinfectant;

– removal of garbage from sink drains;

– wiping mirrors and glass surfaces;

– removal of local contaminants from walls, doors, door handles;

– removal of lime scale on faucets and other chrome elements;

– wet cleaning of toilets with the use of disinfectants

– removal of dust from the surfaces of lamps, switches and sockets, radiators, etc.

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Maintenance of your real estate will be simple and comfortable!

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