How to provide a wide range of facility services and quickly organize a team of specialists 1

How to provide a wide range of facility services and quickly organize a team of specialists

The main task of the company in the field of facility management is to provide services for the maintenance of real estate, which will meet international standards and legislation and norms of Ukraine. Providing the full range of services is impossible without creating and forming a powerful team of specialists.

Each new project is a new customer, and therefore new rules of the game, new technical tasks and goals. That’s why the company that comes to the object, when forming a team, must quickly determine the key goals and objectives. The speed of forming a new team for a particular project is an indicator of the level of development of the company.

The main components of team building:

1)  In addition to prescribing business processes, you need to find the “right” employees – we mean such professionals who will work so that a year later the employer wants to take them back to the team.

2)  It is better when the employee is a high-class “wagon”;

for the company, it reduces costs in the long run. A qualified specialist in such areas as electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, etc., solves the financial constraints of the customer: that is, when the budget is small, and quality services must be provided. An electrician will replace a plumber, and a plumber will not replace an electrician.

3)  The right manager / facility engineer to lead the client is 80% of the result.

4)  In fact, the services of a facility company are no longer sold by sales managers, but by the line workers. The recommendation, the customer’s response depends on them. Accordingly, you need to invest in line staff. The “correct” cleaner, for example, in a shopping center, or a plumber “heats up” the ice, ie the subsequent appeals of the customer to the service company.

5)  With the right relationship with the customer, the service company is the “HELP button” for the customer for all occasions: from current issues regarding the replacement of the lock or cleaning to such force majeure as flooding or disinfection. Excellent assessments and feedback from the customer on the success speed and quality of implementation of goals and objectives is the main criterion that determines the effectiveness of the team facility-company.

The article is published in Commercial Property magazine №6 July, 2020.

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