"Achilles heel" of the shopping center 1

“Achilles heel” of the shopping center

According to research from Finland, 66% of customers recommend the shopping center based on the cleanliness of the bathrooms. These premises, prone to the development of bacteria and unpleasant odors, are often the “Achilles heel” of commercial properties.

How to achieve the sterile cleanliness effect? The level of training and experience of the cleaners are important. Therefore, we recommend to the customers – owners of shopping centers, management or operating companies – before starting to work with a new cleaning contractor, to conduct an examination for at least 20-30% of his employees and is mandatory for their manager./p>

No less important are the regularity of cleaning, the use of modern equipment and professional chemicals, knowledge of where and in what proportions to use them. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate detergent for the individual surfaces. For example, when disinfecting sanitary facilities, it should be standard to use acidic preparations with strong fungicidal and bactericidal properties. However, they must be applied with caution on materials such as marble and nickel plated elements. Formulations with high surfactant content will work well in hard-to-reach areas where there may be dirt, lime, water stone, soap residue and other contaminants. These products create a protective film on the surface to be cleaned, which will delay further contamination. When using potent agents, especially those with disinfecting properties, in skin contact areas, cleaners should remember to rinse them with water to avoid customer complaints.

It is important not to forget about cleaning washbasins, fittings, walls, soap dispensers, hand dryers, door handles and other surfaces that cleaners often miss or handle incorrectly, monitor the presence of paper, soap and towels, and the health of electric dryers. After cleaning the bathroom, you should use professional neutralizers of unpleasant odors, and only then – fragrances.

Cleanliness is a part of the mall’s reputation and should therefore be a priority for the mall’s team. The frequency of visits and the amount of time customers will spend in the shopping center, as well as their loyalty, depend on the comfort of staying in the premises.

The article is published in Commercial Property magazine May, 18/2019..

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