Construction is an economic engine all over the world. Many companies work around every object. Some are responsible for the delivery of the necessary equipment, others –for the supply of construction materials. The engineers, architects, contractors, demanders and many others are interacting in every project. The process of forming of a successful team requires high organization and planning.

No less important is the maintenance and exploitation of building. Just at the stage of construction it is necessary to worry about such issues as: to create and keep vital functions of object by own efforts and to think about searching of a competent contractor.

CPG specializes in providing services to ensure the functioning of the infrastructure of the building or the whole complex. One of the main components of facility management can be called the coordinated work of all living systems of the building or enterprise as: cleaning the premises and the surrounding area, garbage removal, utilities, security etc.

We have created the special row of services for owners of buildings being under construction:

1. Cleaning of premises:

  • complex cleaning inside premises;
  • general cleaning of whole complex;
  • disinfection;
  • windows washing.

2. Cleaning of surrounding area:

  • complex cleaning of surrounding area;
  • garbage collection and disposal;
  • snow disposal and ice cutting;
  • works at heights (fronts and roofs washing).

The main priority of CPG Company is rendering of services on cleaning after construction and support cleaning of plots. Keeping object clean during construction works decreases risks of constructional materials destruction; guarantee the abidance of rules of labour protection and construction safety. We provide disposal of trash and dust during construction works.

3. Organizing of security system:

  • physical security of object;
  • installation of video monitoring system

4. Technical maintenance of engineering nets.

If there are any questions, please, apply to our managers for explanation on details. Will be glad for effective cooperation!

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