Time for raking leaves 1

Time for raking leaves

September is the best period for starting preparatory work for the maintenance of the green area of a commercial facility. Proper fall preparation will provide a beautiful landscape for the next year.

Here are some tips on how to keep the property in perfect condition.

  • Start withraking the leaves. It is better to start preparatory work in September. Healthy, unaffected tree leaves can be used as mulch for wintering flowers, and diseased plant leaves should be disposed of. It is important to remember about removing leaves from roofs, in particular from gutters.
  • Allow enough time for trees to prepare for the winter season. It is necessary to inspect the visible part of each, if necessary – remove old dead bark, moss and lichens, so as not to leave pests a chance. Correct, timely pruning of trees will preserve their beauty and healthy appearance for the next year. To do this, cut off all branches growing inside the crown with a sharp secateurs. It is also necessary to get rid of dry and diseased branches, even if the tree loses its desired appearance without them.
  • Autumn care for shrubs. They require no less attention than trees. Basic principles of care: collect and environmentally dispose of leaves, check for diseases and pests, prevent diseases by spraying with special agents (while treating shrubs and trees at the same time), trim dry and diseased branches, provide green plantings with top dressing before a difficult winter period .
  • September is the time to take care of the lawn. The complex of works is quite simple and not labor-intensive: cutting, watering, fertilization, oxygenation (aeration), leaf raking, restoration if necessary. One of the most important nuances of autumn lawn care is to prevent the condition of the plant root system. The first stage – trimming – not only reduces their need for nutrients, but also reduces the stress on the thin and fragile roots. It is also necessary to adjust the watering regime to avoid damping and freezing. It is possible to nourish and aerate both with the use of special tools and with the help of simple garden tools. But for such work, it is better to hire an experienced specialist or train the full-time employees of the shopping center.

The article is published in  Commercial Property magazine №8(193) September 2019.

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