Make provision for a rainy day but in good time, or how to overcome the autumn mud in the shopping center? 1

Make provision for a rainy day but in good time, or how to overcome the autumn mud in the shopping center?

Summer heat covered the entire territory of Ukraine and is not going to retreat yet. However, do not forget that autumn will inevitably come and bring rains with it. At this time, in many shopping centers there is an acute issue of protection from dirt and water at the entrance. How to effectively prepare for the rainy season? Cleanliness is based on the correct planning of the stages of dirt protection.

Stage 1. Get rid of large layers of snow and dirt at the entrance. A stainless steel grate with relatively large openings should be placed under a canopy near the building for cleaning the soles. Its length should be at least 5-8 steps of the guest. This stage of cleaning is more effective when the grill is installed in combination with water drainage.

Stage 2. We also leave small parts of mud and snow outside the threshold. It is necessary to install a flooring 3-4 steps long, made of highly elastic and durable rubber with fine holes and bristles.

Step 3. Cleaning the side surfaces of shoes and other hard-to-reach areas. This will be helped by a brush or combined coating 3-4 steps long, located indoors or in the vestibule.

Stage 4. Moisture- and dust-absorbing surface 3-4 steps long. This type of hard pile carpet is specially designed to withstand a consistently high flow of people and at the same time maintain a long service life. With proper maintenance, the carpet is not damaged and protects the floor from deformation. In addition, it does not harm the shoes of visitors or employees of the shopping center, and a special border around the perimeter protects against the spread of dirt outside the carpet.

Stage 5. The last – to shine. The soft fleece coating helps to dry the shoes and remove dirt residues. For this, removable rubber-based carpets are used.

What are the benefits of dirt protection systems? Firstly, this is saving on repairs, protection against abrasion of the glossy coating of tiles. Secondly, savings on wages for cleaning personnel, because 80% of visitors will enter the premises in clean shoes. Thirdly, reducing the trauma rate, since all surfaces of the system are non-slip. Fourthly, a decrease in the amount of sand that gets inside the building, respectively, in the tanks of scrubber driers and the sewage system.

The first impression of a visitor is created at the entrance to the shopping center. What it will be depends not only on the aesthetics of the entrance group, but also on the cleanliness of the building, which must be taken care of not only daily, but also in advance.

The article  is published in  Commercial Property magazine №6(191) Julyь 2019.

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