How not to lose premises in an unequal battle with pests? 1

How not to lose premises in an unequal battle with pests?

An eternal problem not only for residential, but also for office buildings is pests. Employees bring lunch to work and as a result, food leftovers still remain in the room, and this attracts insects. Often they get rid of with traditional home methods, but this does not work well.

The only right decision is to carry out a total disinsection by a team of professionals. It takes some preparation to get started on pest control. The most important condition for the liberation of territories from small “enemies” is cleanliness. It must be observed both before and after pest control.

What must be done before the pest control team arrives? First of all, isolate everything related to food. Food must be hidden in containers or tight bags. It is better to remove the dishes from the processing area. It is also necessary to remove everything from the floor, get rid of all food debris. It is necessary to ensure the tightness of the room: turn off the hoods, tightly close the windows and doors. Make sure there is no damage to the walls and floor that insects can use as escape routes. Ventilation, holes for communications, cracks in the baseboards must be insulated during etching. You should also make sure that pests do not have access to water.

Professional pest controllers use highly concentrated solutions and treat each area of the room with great care. That is why it is necessary to be so careful about preparation and post-processing cleaning.

Traditional methods of insect control do not require such an investment of time and effort, but they also do not bring results. Therefore, it is better to carry out pest control once a year and conscientiously than on your own every few months.

What to do after processing? You cannot enter the room four hours after it. After this time, you should ventilate the building. You also need to check for uncovered food or napkins in the room – if there is, and then they should be thrown away. All the equipment and utensils that cannot be hidden or covered must be thoroughly washed. This also applies to hobs. An important nuance after processing: skirting boards, wall joints, drainage points for communications and hoods cannot be washed.

If you follow all the recommendations given, then you can kick away pests from your territory once and for all.

The article is published in  Commercial Property magazine №7(192August 2019.

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