Cleaning and disinfection of premises - on what surfaces and at what temperature does COVID-19 live the longest period of time? 1

Cleaning and disinfection of premises – on what surfaces and at what temperature does COVID-19 live the longest period of time?

The theme of COVID-19 is again in the spotlight, given the daily number of new diseases in the world and the strengthening of quarantine, as well as the expectation of new restrictions after the elections in Ukraine.

There is a lot of data, versions and research on the virus and its control, because every day it manifests itself in an “updated version”, which is confirmed by new symptoms the patients have. This forces experts to study its new manifestations. According to the Virology Journal, Australian scientists have found that the coronavirus can survive 28 days at lower temperatures on smoother surfaces. The researchers tested the virus’s survival at three different temperatures (20, 30 and 40 ° C) on the six most commonly used surfaces. Thus, the result showed that it lives the longest (up to 28 days) at 20 ° C on smoother surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and vinyl, compared to rough and complex surfaces such as cotton. In addition, the virus lasts longer on paper banknotes than on plastic. For comparison: the same studies have shown that the influenza A virus lives on surfaces for up to 17 days.

However, according to a representative of the ISSA, the largest source of infection is aerosols and respiratory drops from an infected person.

Therefore, the services of cleaning companies are more relevant than ever now. Here are some tips:

  • Disinfecting the room by fogging can prevent the spread of viral infections and disinfect hard-to-reach areas.
  • You need to take care not only of tables, elevator buttons, door handles, etc., but also of soft surfaces. It is necessary to clean the plane with soap and water, wash things, if possible, or disinfect. For phones, computers, touch screens and ATMs, you can use alcohol wipes with an alcohol content of at least 70%, and then dry them thoroughly.
  • While washing, say, overalls, it is necessary to wear disposable gloves, do not shake the dirty form, but it is allowed to wash the clothes of a sick person with other people’s things at the highest temperature. After that, you need to clean the baskets for dirty clothes by disinfection, carefully remove gloves and wash your hands.
  • If an employee is ill, open all windows and exterior doors, disinfect and ventilate, after which healthy workers can continue to work.
  • If more than 7 days have passed since the patient visited the facility, no additional disinfection is required. For preventive purposes, it is enough to do it once a week.

Therefore, in the new realities of doing business, we must seek and apply all possible solutions where increased attention to customers and employees is required.

The article is published in Commercial Property magazine №9 October, 2020.

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